Embodied Therapy

Through both individual and group sessions, Adriana’s therapeutic practice Creative Source employs a variety of methods to support emotional and physical health; creative growth; and a deeper relationship to life. Adriana brings an artistic and compassionate perspective to the therapeutic process. Her work is rooted in the belief that the language of the soul speaks through the body, the imaginal world, artistic expression and our life stories. Adriana offers through Creative Source:

Expressive Arts Therapy
Expressive arts therapy utilizes a range of creative media such as visual art, dance, and creative writing to support self-exploration and growth.

Somatic Movement Therapy
Somatic movement therapy brings awareness to the patterned movements and postures that shape us.

Recovery Services
Recovery services provide a holistic approach for people struggling with addiction and those engaging in recovery.

Spiritual Support
Spiritual support incorporates hypnotherapy, active imagination and spiritual inquiry.

Arts Coaching
Arts coaching assists people in developing intentions and concrete steps to move their creativity to the next level.